A Sharp Greeting

By Cindy Carrier 

(200 word drabble with a twist)


Teresa appeared at the hacienda door.  “I thought I heard company,” she declared with a fresh smile, hands hidden in her apron.

Murdoch smiled carefully.  “Darling, we have guests,” he announced.  As she approached he continued, “This is an old friend, Miss Angel Day…and her companions.”

Teresa stepped beside her guardian, still smiling, her hands twisting the folds of her apron.  “I’m very happy to meet you.”

Miss Angel Day, red-headed and garishly dressed, stepped up to Teresa.  Loving eyes appraised the girl.  “I’m very happy to meet you too, Teresa,” she greeted warmly.

“Yes, Teresa continued in a bright voice.  “I’ll just bet you are…Mother.”  From her apron she withdrew a long carving knife and held it up. Her smile became two rows of gleaming teeth. “How long has it been?  Eighteen years?”

“Teresa!” Murdoch exclaimed with horror.

“Yes, I knew,” she told him as the older woman before her slowly backed up, her painted face rounding into shock.  “Daddy left me a letter on my last birthday.”  She held the knife out, the tip a breath away from Miss Angel Day’s nose.  “Now, do I plunge it into her heart, or are you finally going to adopt me?”



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