Don't Fall Out of the Acorn Tree
by  Charlene


Disclaimer: Fox owns them despite my best efforts ;-)

Synopsis: A Missing Scene from Lamp In The Wilderness ... inspired by the LTAN episode discussion.

I hope you all enjoy. Char :-)


Scott looked down the hall at their father's retreating back before looking back at his brother. Johnny was still rubbing his sore elbow and arm. "Did you say that you fell out of the acorn tree?"

"Yep." Johnny winced. His arm hurt. It had bothered him all night, throbbing. It was still throbbing now. he was going to have to get Jelly to rub some liniment on it.

"Acorn tree?" Scott queried as he stared at his younger brother.

"Yeah the acorn tree. Runny Nose only eats Acorn Mash," Johnny wrinkled his nose in disgust at just the thought. he'd had it before when he was a child. He remembered climbing trees then collecting the acorns for his mama when they didn't have anything else. Sometimes she'd stretch the mash and make tortillas. It wasn't as bad that way, but still ... the idea that Runny Nose actually liked the stuff made him shudder.

Scott sighed. "Little brother, you did not fall from the acorn tree."

"Yes, I did."

"No, you didn't."

"Yes, I did."

"No, you didn't! We do not have an acorn tree. We have an oak tree. You feel out of the oak tree. Acorns come from oak trees."

Johnny stopped rubbing his sore arm, and put both hands on his slim hips. "Well that's just stupid."

Scott sighed before palming his face. He knew he was going to be sorry if he asked, but he asked anyway. "And just why, pray tell, is that stupid?"

Johnny rolled his eyes. Scott was smart, he ought to know already. "You get apples from apple trees, you get oranges from orange trees, you get cherries from cherry trees. And I oughta know about the cherries because you talk about that old Washington guy and his cherry tree all the time. So why say acorns come from oak trees? It oughta be acorns from an acorn tree."

Scott opened his mouth to reply. Stood with his mouth open a moment before closing it and turning to follow his father. There was no arguing with Johnny's logic.

Smiling, Johnny went off in the other direction looking Jelly and that liniment, rubbing his sore elbow, and muttering to himself. "Next time, big brother, you're climbing the acorn tree."


The End






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