You Want to Touch It?

By CC 

These four drabbles work best if read in order. They are The Meeting (100 words), The Facts of Life (500 words), Where do Babies Come From? (400 words), and You Want to Touch it? (300 words).


“Whups!” Johnny tumbled out of the wagon, hanging to its side to keep from falling. Scott started laughing at him, ended up tangling his legs and sitting on the ground, laughing harder.

It was about damn time they brought the wagon back from town. They’d left hours ago to pick up Scott’s package from Harlan.

“Package was late, Murdoch,” Scott slurred. “Had to wait in the saloon. Then the horse threw a shoe.” He threw up an arm as though demonstrating a flying shoe. “Had to wait longer.”

“Only Scott got us kicked out.” Johnny started snickering. “Kept pulling out his Scotty to show the ladies, right there at the table! Figured he’d impress ’em. Little thing just made ’em laugh!”

“What?” Murdoch was shocked. “Saloon girls or not, that’s entirely inappropriate!” He’d always thought Johnny would be the wild one. Scott had apparently learned nothing from their talk.

Teresa came outside. “What’s going on?”

Scott swayed, smiled crookedly. “Hey, Teresa, want to see my Scotty?”

“She certainly does not! Scott, get up to your room. Now!”

Scott pulled himself up and lurched toward the rear, waving her to join him. Teresa followed, a curious look on her face.

“Scott! Teresa! Don’t you dare!”

“I just want to see, Murdoch!” Teresa ducked behind the wagon.

He could hear Scott. “Watch out, it might pop out at you—it’s pretty excited! Okay, ready or not. . .”

“Scott!” Murdoch ran toward them, too late. Teresa shrieked, then fell silent.

“You want to touch it?” asked Scott.

“Are you sure?” Teresa took a deep breath. She reached tentatively between Scott’s legs.

“Teresa!” Murdoch stopped, stunned, as Teresa bent over Scott’s lap, kissing the little terrier.

“Hey, Teresa,” called Johnny, “Wouldn’t you rather see my big Mexican Hairless?”



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