Token of His Love
by  CC


"He gave me a VD," Teresa whispered as the other girls murmured. She giggled. "That's what he calls it. I call it a token of his love."

Murdoch grabbed the wall to keep from falling. He'd been just walking past, hadn't meant to eavesdrop. Now he was glad he had. Or maybe wished he hadn't.  He'd kill the son of a bitch!

"Something we could share forever, he said, so I'd think of him when we're apart. Isn't that romantic?"

His hands choked the doorframe, practicing for the bastard's neck.

"He got it down on the border." She giggled.  She actually giggled.

That was all he could take. "Who is it?" he yelled, bursting in. "Who did it?" God, please don't let it be Johnny. He'd have to shoot him in his sleep, and he didn't think he could wait that long.


" know!" he sputtered,  turning to her friends. "Leave!"

"What? That's not fair!"

His mind was already racing as he nudged the last girl out with the closing door. "We'll go to San Francisco, see a doctor there.  Sam's not to know."  

"But...but Sam gave it to me!" She blushed and held up a heart-shaped card with a hand-written verse.  "For Valentine's Day, although he's too shy to say the words." She giggled again.

A Valentine? Sam? He was going to kill the bastard.


--February 14, 2010






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