A Light in the Sky

By Caroline 


This little tale was inspired by my family having a star named in memory of my father. There is reference to the death of a major character.


The night was cold and clear with a million stars piercing the inky darkness of the sky.  The feeling of loss was overwhelming him as Scott stepped through the French doors leading to the sheltered courtyard at the rear of the house.  He found his brother sitting on the bench in the center, legs stretched out in front of him and head thrown back to stare above him.

Johnny’s gaze flickered briefly downwards before he returned to his contemplation of the heavens.  “It’s so peaceful out here.”

Scott crossed the short distance between them and sat by his brother’s side.  “You should get some rest.”

“So should you but it ain’t gonna happen…not tonight.”

“No,” Scott agreed.  “Not tonight.”

“D’you believe in heaven?” Johnny asked, tearing his eyes away from the spectacle above him.  “My mama used to say that when she died she’d be in heaven watching over me.”

Scott looked at the sky and his eyes were drawn to a star that seemed to be shining more brightly than any of the others.  He tapped Johnny on the arm and drew his attention upwards.  “See that star?  Whenever you look at it remember the good times and he’ll never be far away from us.”

Johnny watched the star with shining eyes, fascinated.  Throughout the remainder of the night the brothers spoke of the happy memories of their time with their father.  Gradually dawn crept over the sky and the stars, one by one, disappeared.

Scott gently drew his brother to his feet.  “The star will still be there even when you can’t see it.”

Johnny gave Scott a tired smile.  “Thanks, brother.”

“It seems a fitting tribute,” Scott responded wearily as they entered the house to start the first day without their father. 



Dec 05


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