Blueberry Pie and Conversation


by  Carole P.


The kitchen was dark and Scott could just make out Johnny seated at the table, hands around a cup of coffee staring bemusedly at a slice of pie.  Curious now, he stepped up to the table.  “A penny for your thoughts, Johnny.”

A soft sigh and “Hey Scott, I was just thinking about something Murdoch said this afternoon.”

The words came a little faster now.  “He had just gotten home and the kids were making all kinds of noise.  He seemed happy though, you know, and said how he’d missed out on that without us here.  I told him to enjoy it while he could and he laughed, Scott.  He said he was planning to since he was grandfather to Dull Knife and was planning to be grandfather to many more.”

There was a pause and Scott sat down to get a better look at Johnny’s face.  Encouragement seemed to be needed, “What did you say Johnny?”

A slight grin from Johnny, “I asked him which ones he was going to be grandfather to and he said that was up to me.”

“Ah, so he wants you to supply the grandchildren.” Scott laughed a little.  “So, who is the lucky lady?”

Johnny pulled the slice of pie closer and picked up the fork, “Well, Scott, I don’t exactly know that yet.  There was this girl once….” The smile was softer with the memory and the silence drew out a bit.

“Yes?” Scott drew it out a little raising an eyebrow.

“Well, brother, I thought she was the one, you know, but her father had other ideas.”  The eyebrow raised in return said more than words would.  “What about you, Scott? You planning on giving him grandkids?”

With a laugh Scott replied, “Well, there was this girl once….”

Both of them laughed filling the kitchen with memories shared.  In the darkness of the back hallway Murdoch smiled and decided he didn’t really need a cup of coffee after all.






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