Hiring Out
by  Belinda

Here are a few more shorts from the winter challenge. Like before they were not beta’d and there will be mistakes. Just over look them and try to enjoy the fun.


The Offer

"Johnny, come here please." Murdoch called.
Johnny strolled over to where his father stood with Mayor Higgs and the Widow Hargis.

"Yes Sir?"
"Johnny, the town needs your services."
Johnny narrowed his eyes and looked from the mayor to the widow.
"I don't do that no more."

"We realize that Johnny, but  we're desperate," pleaded Higgs.

The Discussion

  "I can't believe you agreed to do this. What were you thinking,"  bellowed Scott.

 Calmly Johnny answered, "I was thinking they needed my help."
 "But you said you would never hire out again."
 "I know Scott, but their desperate." 

 Well Brother, if you're set on doing this I'll watch your back for you."
 "Thanks Brother."


Keeping a Promise

 "It's not too late, Little Brother. No one would blame you if you backed out."

 "No, Scott. I gave my word. Besides, thanks to you I'm ready to face  them."
 "I still don't see why you agreed to do this."

"I'm the only one with experience Scott. Promise, no matter what happens, you'll stay out of the way."


The Face Off

Johnny stood before them locking eyes with each one for a moment. He could feel the tension building. Maybe he made a mistake. When he agreed to take this job he didn't realize there would be so many of them. Flexing his fingers, Johnny knew it was time to get this dance started.

"Ok class, get out your math books."






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