Following the Tune
by  Belinda

The following are from a challenge we had during the winter. They weren’t beta’d and there are mistakes. I tried to find the more obvious. I hope you can over look any mistakes and just enjoy them.


Disobedient Sons

"Hey Scott."


"Do you think he knows?"

"Yes I do."

"How could he, we left before he saw us."

"I'm telling you, Johnny, he knows."

"You think he's mad at us?"


"What do you think he's gonna’ do to us?"

"I don't know Little Brother, but we're about to find out because here he comes."    


Penitent Sons

"Hey Scott."


"He was really mad wasn't he?"

"Yes Little Brother, I would say he was pretty mad."

"I don't think it was that bad. We were just looking out for him."

"Yes I know, but our father seems to think we over stepped the line."

"It wasn't like we broke that darned old ship of his or anything."

"I think our father is trying to prove something to us Johnny."

"Yeah, I know. He calls the tune and we better dance to it."

"That's right Little Brother."

"How long do you think he's gonna’ stay mad at us?"

"How many creek beds are there to clear out?"

"That sure is a long time." 


Obedient Sons
 "Boys you better go after your pa." Jelly informed the two  brothers.
 "No!" Both boys said in unison to the old handyman.
 "What da’ ya’ mean no. He's your pa ain't’ he? He might need  your help." Huffed Jelly.
 "Murdoch said for us to stay here so here is where we will  stay." Scott said as he continued to pull the brush up the bank from  the creek he and Johnny were clearing.
 "Johnny, you’re gonna’ go help him ain't’ ya’?" Jelly asked the  younger Lancer. 
 "Nope! I'm stayin’ right here like I was told." Johnny told  his friend while digging around a stump. 
 "Well I never seen a more ungrateful set of sons in my life. Since  when do you two always do what Murdoch says anyway?" 

 "Since about six creek beds ago!" The two brothers informed  Jelly.





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