1966 - 1967
#48 - "The Bitter Yen of General Ti"
NiteOwl Review: We rather liked this episode in spite of ourselves. It replays a familiar male (or male tv writer) fantasy, the inadvertently acquired female slave. Virtually every tv western had a variation on this theme with the hero either acquiring a girl while gambling or saving the life of a girl whose culture dictates that she now belongs to him. See for example: Wagon Train ("The John Augustus Story," 10-17-62); Laramie ("The Perfect Gift," 1-2-62); Bonanza ("Day of the Dragon," 12-3-61) and Cheyenne ("Pocketful of Stars," 11-12-62). Peter was a guest star in the Cheyenne episode.
They're exposed and imprisoned to be executed with Joe after Ti marries Jem Sing. Luckily the Chinese executioner wears a black grim reaper hood and robe capable of disguising Joe. In the course of overcoming the Chinese gang, Jem Sing saves Joe's life, releasing her from her obligation to him. When the Rangers go back to Laredo, Jem Sing stays to help all the people her deceased husband has exploited.
Someone with an obscure sense of humor named this episode after the 1933 Barbara Stanwyck movie, The Bitter Tea of General Yen. Joe saves the life of Jem Sing, a missionary-raised Chinese girl abducted from China by the notorious General Shen Ti who is building an empire in Mexico. She and a large cache of opium have been stolen from Ti by an enemy.
She is caught in the cross-fire. Jem Sing begs not to be sent back to Ti, who will force her into marriage. Addressing Joe as "Sterling One," she insists she is now his slave.
Of course, her fetching, carrying, cleaning, cooking and groveling for Joe, gives Chad and Erik a great source of amusement.
However, when Joe and Jem Sing are seized by General Ti, Chad and Erik are galvanized into action. (No Reese in this episode.) Impersonating two syndicate chiefs invited to discuss the drug trade, Chad and Erik infiltrate Ti's settlement.
Original air date Feb 3, 1967
Directed by Charles Rondeau
Written by John T. Dugan

Regular Cast
Neville Brand as Reese Bennett
Peter Brown as Chad Cooper
William Smith as Joe Riley
Robert Wolders as Erik Hunter
Phil Carey as Capt. Parmalee

Guest Cast
rene Tsu as Jem Sing
Henry Silva as General Shen Ti
Philip Ahn as Capt. Wong Lee
Lawrence Montaigne as Calvetti
Allen Emerson as Scarpito
Lloyd Kino as Kam Yan
Henry Hunter as doctor
Almira Sessions as first matron
Ruth Thom as second matron
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